In the days just before ubiquitous smartphones, working inside an agency partner, we were  given the job of coming up with a cool new live presentation for DeVry University. They wanted to engage high-schoolers who had a tendency to zone out during….well, during class, lunch, and certainly when some dude is up in front talking about college.  So we built an interactive presentation that let the class participate individually and collectively, via individual PDAs.  They played a game that was fun and funny, and secretly built on a Meyers-Briggs personality test.  Each student got individual results, and the collective results helped the live presenter direct a nonlinear presentation toward the interests of the majority of the class.  It was pretty cool, considering nobody had ever tried anything remotely this interactive before. We had to design and build it from the ground up.

The case study video below is pretty short.  It tells the story.